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I love questions!  Here are some of the more frequently asked, but please don't hesitate to reach out with any others.


Question: What is a reading coach?

From Individual word decoding to developing critical analysis, I offer strategies and methods for each student


Question: Are your services billed as a package, or as individual sessions?

The answer to this question depends soley on the students need. Please contact me for pricing and billing information.

Question: What is Executive Function coaching?

Our brains help us manage our daily lives, and for students that means managing the workloads, studying, and completing assignments. I coach students to improve their executive function using strategies and methods designed for each individual.


Question: What college consulting services do you offer?

My focus is on each student as a unique individual.  I will coach them as they develop college lists, write essays, and complete applications.

I also support them as they plan their courses, explore jobs, camps, or internships as well as sports, activities, and community service.


Question: May I see your resume?

My resumè and credentials are available upon request

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Question: Where do you do your coaching?

BBC is set up in my home.  It is a private area, with a separate entrance, designed to provide an optimal learning space for students.  Let me know if you would like a tour!

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop

Tin Wall

"...Susie helped me find the perfect university with a great scholarship while being patient and understanding.  She was definitely something of a beacon of hope during an incredibly busy and stressful time"

---- Audrey P., Marist College, Florence Italy

"Susie is a wonderful tutor. My daughter, now in high school, still quotes things she remembers learning from her in the 3rd grade. Susie gives every student her full attention and one of the things we appreciated most about her was her ability to tailor her teaching style to our daughter's individual needs. She was always willing to work with her at her own pace, and never made her feel like she was being rushed. She also took the time to understand her learning style, and adjusted her teaching methods to fit my daughters needs."

         - Laura H., parent, educator, & counselor, Richmond, VA

Tin Wall

"I think that Ms. Susan is a great tutor. She helped me a lot with my math. Ms.Susan helped me improve my grades. Ms. Susan makes me feel good about myself when she is helping me." 

         - Zaria, 5th grade, Richmond

"Although reading and writing has always been a challenge for me, Ms. Hudgins gave me the guidance and the confidence to be a proficient and knowledgeable writer. I was taught academic and life skills that I will be able to use throughout my academic career in college, as well as in the future"

--- Alyssa C., Midlothian, VA

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