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"Susie is a crucial part of our journey towards college. She is patient and meets my daughter where she is academically, while gently pushing and guiding her to new heights. Susie is helping her learn about her strengths and how to use them to her benefit in a variety of ways. Susie provides a comfortable setting with multiple seating options which my daughter enjoys along with the humorous banter they engage in together during tutoring."

- Elizabeth B., parent & educator, Richmond, VA


"Susie Hudgins has been so helpful to me as I prepare for my senior year of high school. She guides me to me more productive and focused. She has really assisted me with my organizational skill. My time with her has been quite beneficial.

      - Ann, senior St. Catherine's, Richmond

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"Susie Hudgins has provided incredible support to our son over the last 5+ years.  From executive function to support for honor society essays, Susie has given deep time and attention to every detail. Susie has an incredible knack for unpacking a student's individual needs and finding custom support to supplement their learning differences. The support and advice I have received from Susie as a parent has also been integral to how we have learned to best support our child in his educational journey."

              - Meredith C., parent Richmond

"Ask yourself: Have you been kind today? Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change the world."   - Annie Lennox


"Susie Hudgins is a wealth of knowledge when working with gifted students with ADHD-Executive Function struggles. She quickly builds rapport with you and your child, allowing her to help you wade through all the noise of the college admission process. She worked with both of my boys to assist in identifying potential colleges and programs they might thrive in. Her expertise helped them hone in on what was important to them, creating a thoughtful collection of colleges to apply to.

I am happy to report that my eldest son is thriving in his second year at Virginia Tech, and my younger son is currently submitting college applications. Susie's assistance made this process far less stressful and much easier to navigate for us.

           - Suzie & Chris, satisfied parents


"My daughter "S" was identified with ADHD while already in college, and it was clear that she needed professional help in order to keep up with the increasing demands on her. The habits and strategies from secondary school and the first few years of college could only get her so far. 

Susie was busy, but she made the time to meet with my daughter several times before she left for college, and had a Zoom meeting to help her plan out her schedule day by day, making time for her classes, homework, time with friends, and self care.  Susie listened to what my daughter needed, and helped her modify her thinking and environment to make improvements.  Susie was great about offering more meetings if S needed to make adjustments or learn more tricks of the trade. It's incredibly reassuring to know that someone else has your child's back, as well as the skills and expertise to really help them succeed. We're so appreciative of Susie and all of her help!"

- Stephanie C., parent & educator,

Richmond, VA


"Susie Hudgins is the epitome of what an educator should be. She is not only passionate and extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and individualizes her teaching for her students, my son included. My son has been tutored by Susie since the second grade up until the 7th grade. Susie listened to my concerns and created a program tailored for my son in order to help him to fill the gaps with learning how to read. More importantly than making him a successful reader was her ability to make him enjoy the process and enjoy learning something that was difficult for him. She was patient, strategic, and used her high-quality teaching methods in every session. Her knowledge of strategies and techniques are what has made my son successful in reading, spelling, cursive handwriting and reading comprehension. 

Susie is a devoted educator to my son and all of her students. Her dedication to their success is poured into every lesson, assignment, and encounter. She not only is a phenomenal teacher, but a woman who truly cares and connects with her pupils."

   - Sejal R., parent and school speech pathologist, Richmond, VA

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